County Commissioner Will Jones

Will Jones is the Taxpayer’s Champion. He earned that reputation fulfilling his #1 campaign promise to treat the county’s budget more like a business. A lifelong conservative Republican, he has lived in McLennan County for 30 years. After earning a business degree in finance from Baylor University in 1994, he built a career in real estate and as a stockbroker. He put skills honed through years of managing budgets and analyzing finances to work for the people of McLennan County, trimming waste, saving money, and making smart financial decisions resulting in over $18 million in savings.

When he’s not working every detail as a budget hawk, Will is a devoted husband and father. The family is involved with several civic and charitable organizations, including the Boy Scouts, Waco Rotary Club, American Cancer Society, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Woodway Family Center, Mission Waco, Kiwanis Club of West, and Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Center. They are members of Antioch Community Church.